Children Sessions


In Studio:  No Session Fee

(unless you want a portfolio then it will be

$40 for 18 images or $75 for 36 images)

There are a variety of backgrounds to choose from and an outdoor set from Canada which is Spanish on one side and Italian on the other.  Props include a moon, ocean set, apple barrel set and others.  I specialize in expressions and focus on giving you an artistic piece for your walls instead of the normal smiles you can get anywhere.  I will spend a generous amount of time with your child to capture a variety of expressions because sometimes the eyes speak louder than their tiny mouths!


On Location:  $125

Includes:  Proof Portfolio with 36 images

No Per Person Fee

You pick the front cover layout and wording you want for your Portfolio.

I take lots of shots and give you the best 36.  The extras are available for viewing and can be

 printed for  only $10 for 9 or 12 images per page depending on which layout you like most! 

Sheet and Package Prices

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